2018 Road Salt Symposium

February 8, 2018 | Plymouth Creek Center

Since 2002, Freshwater Society has hosted the annual Road Salt Symposium, bringing to the state’s road maintenance community the latest innovations, trends, and best practices for reducing salt use while maintaining safe roads. Reducing salt use is a win-win that protects the environment, but also greatly reduces expense. Up to 300 professionals attend the symposium each year, eager to learn what’s new and take it back into the field.

Planning is underway for the 2018 symposium! Check back for details and registration coming soon.


Visit the 2017 Road Salt Symposium page for a review of last year's event.

Model Snow and
Ice Policy

A Model Snow and Ice Management Policy Advisory Committee was convened in the summer of 2016 in response to an extraordinary interest in risk management expressed by attendees of the February 2016 Road Salt Symposium.

The framework offers a tool for cities and counties to prepare clear and complete snow and ice management policies and to help them limit the potential liability risk from these activities. Snow and ice management requires balancing public interests including public safety, equipment and material cost, environmental impact, and other concerns. The law governing public operations largely protects cities and counties from liability, in recognition of the fact that these local units must exercise judgment based on expertise, experience, and the circumstances of the occasion. The law says, however, that to merit this protection, a city or county must be able to show that competing public concerns are in play, that these concerns have been weighed, and that judgment was used in making both policy and operational decisions. The Model Policy is a tool for cities and counties to establish this foundation for their snow and ice management policies and practices.

Cities, counties, and other users of this Model Policy are encouraged to adapt and modify the Policy as appropriate to local circumstances with guidance from their respective attorneys.

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Thanks to the following organizations that supported development of this policy: