2019 Weatherguide Calendars photo submission guidelines

We are accepting photo submissions for the 2019 Weatherguide calendars from November 1, 2017 through January 8, 2018.

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2019 Weatherguide Photo Submissions

1. Photograph submissions must be at least 300 dpi, preferably CMYK and TIF format. You can submit a maximum of thirty (30) digital images. All images submitted will be considered for inclusion in the wall and engagement calendars, and Freshwater Society will determine the calendar in which they will be published.

2. Deadline for submitting photos is January 8, 2018.

3. Photographs submitted for consideration should feature water or issues impacting our regional waters, weather events, phenological observations, astronomical phenomenon and/or natural scenes of Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Do not include photographs of pets or domestic animals. Images of captive animals photographed in zoos and commercial game farms are also prohibited, however photos from state and national wildlife preserves are allowed.

4. Photos must be the property of the entrant and may not have been previously published. Photographer agrees that any photos published in the calendars may be used in Freshwater Society promotional brochures, displays, websites, social media, products, activities, and other materials. Photos will be cropped as needed for use and publication.

5. Each photograph should be named or labeled to include the following information. Images are identified by this information, so this is essential.

  • Month photograph was taken
  • Photographer’s initials
  • Caption or title for your image
  • City and state where image was taken

Here are examples of the naming format:
Feb_jcp_Melting Icicles_Minneapolis_mn
Jul_jcp_Belted Kingfisher Diving_Hudson_wi

6. All cover photos, monthly photos in the wall calendar, and weekly photos in the engagement calendar will be accompanied by the photographer’s name, photograph caption, and city/state where the image was taken. We will also include the photographer’s personal website if desired. All other photos used in the calendars will be accompanied by the photographer’s name.

7. Photographers whose photographs are published will be awarded the following:

  • Front cover photo on either calendar: 20 free calendars and personal website listing
  • Monthly photo in wall calendar: 10 free calendars and personal website listing
  • Weekly photo in engagement calendar: 5 free calendars and personal website listing
  • All other photos: One free calendar

8. Photographers whose photographs are published may purchase additional calendars at 50% off the regular price.

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