Current Research

Research done by Freshwater staff, including work on surface water and groundwater.

Banking Groundwater: Managed Aquifer Recharge addresses the issue of the more than 75% of Minnesotans who rely on groundwater and may find it in short supply in the face of population, land-use, and climate change. Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) is a technological approach to treat and inject clean water into an aquifer for temporary storage. This study examined four different kinds of aquifers across Minnesota with unique pressures to determine their suitability for ASR. Read an executive summary or the full report.

Hennepin County Interactive Landslide Map and Hazard Atlas: The Twin Cities has experienced an increase in landslide activity over the past decade as a result of increased precipitation. This interactive map of landslides and atlas report can help watershed districts and cities manage surface water to reduce the risk of landslides.

Sediment Accumulation in the Floodplain of Lower Minnesota River Watershed provides a direct assessment of sediment accumulation in the floodplain of Lower Minnesota River Watershed to better document how sedimentation in this reach has changed as a result of changes in flow in the post-settlement period. Download.