Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership

The Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership (HLRP) is a program designed to help lake associations and river groups across the state identify and work towards the priorities they have for their water body. More than 400 groups have gone through this program since it started 17 years ago, receiving training and personalized support, and resulting in the following for their groups:

  • A Lake or River Management Plan specific to their water body
  • Connections to agency officials, technical staff, and local organizations that can answer questions and partner with them
  • Increased internal capacity for their group so they can better address challenges their water body faces
  • $5,000 for their group to be used towards achieving the goals they identified in their management plan

This round, we are recruiting specifically from Otter Tail County. HLRP only works with up to 8 groups at a time, and four have already signed on for the 2016 program, which will begin this spring. If you are in Otter Tail County and interested in the training and the $5,000 in seed money available to each participating group, read on and contact Jen Kader (contact information is at the bottom of this page) for more information.

The Freshwater Society is collaborating with the Initiative Foundation to sustain HLRP and has received funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund through the Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources to run the program in Otter Tail County. Our partners at the West Central Initiative have generously made up to $5,000 available for each of the participating groups to implement a priority action from the management plan.

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If you want to know more about the program or are interested in participating, please contact Jen.

Jen Kader
Program Manager
Freshwater Society