State of Water Conference Registration

April 12-14, 2018
Breezy Point Resort in Breezy Point, MN

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  • Pre-Conference Registration (Thursday, April 12)

    Pre Conference sessions are available for Thursday, April 12. Registration for the full day preconference session is $100, or you can build-your-own day and select just a morning, just an afternoon, or one of each to build-your-own full day. Preconference sessions will be cancelled if there are not at least 10 registrants by March 12.

  • FULL DAY: Effective Practices for Engaging Your Community
    Too often we spend our precious time, money, and energy trying to convene people who are central to our work, such as neighborhood groups, lake associations, professional staff, and decision-makers. We need them to be knowledgeable and interested, but getting them to stay engaged is often challenging. This workshop will immerse participants in the art of hosting groups and group dynamics, as well as fostering leadership from within to address issues we face. Participants will leave with concrete skills and practices that can be used to educate and engage audiences, support program development, enhance creative problem solving, and foster community engagement in your work.
  • MORNING: The Blue-Green Beast, Managing Algae
    Algae Management and control technologies and strategies take many forms. From algaecides to dredging to biomanipulation, some are effective and reliable while others fall short. Learn about the various techniques and how to decide what is best for your water. Participants will be provided the book, Lake Management Best Practices: Managing Algae Problems.
  • MORNING: We Have Lake Data, Now What?
    Many lake associations have collected lake data, but are unsure of how to use it for strategies to improve lake management. Bring your lake's data to this workshop and develop an understanding of your lake and what to do next. Participants will leave with a good understanding of their own lake, the current water quality, what projects will have the greatest impact on protecting and restoring their water quality, and how to fund it.
  • AFTERNOON: What's the Buzz: Insects and Water Quality
    Explore insects in the context of habitat, ecosystem, AIS, and climate change and how they relate to water quality. Learn about plant, insect, bird, turtle, human interactions and how to promote the ones you like and some thoughts on the ones you don't like.
  • AFTERNOON: Grassroots Organizing for Clean Water Policy
    The future of clean water protections is unclear. Voices from the grassroots must be part of the effort to demonstrate the benefit of clean water protections and fight against rollbacks. In this workshop we will discover tools, participate in interactive exercises, and review case studies of successful civic engagement initiatives in the Great Lakes region.

  • REGULAR CONFERENCE REGISTRATION (Fri. April 13, 8am-4pm & Sat. April 14, 8am-noon)
    Includes Friday breakfast, lunch, and evening hors d'oeuvres and Saturday breakfast. Hotel accommodations are NOT included and can be arranged with Breezy Point Resort directly. Registrations fees are refundable, minus a $25 processing fee, through March 31st, with no refunds after March 31st.
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