Watershed Association Initiative

The Watershed Association Initiative (WAI) is a program designed to support community members in Minnehaha Creek Watershed District who care about protecting their freshwater resources.  From providing assistance to active Lake Associations to helping new groups form, WAI strives to increase the capacity of community groups so they may be successful in their efforts to care for their lake, stream, or wetland.  WAI members receive organizational guidance and support in line with the program’s overall goals:

  • Educate property owners on ways to form healthy, effective, and sustainable community-led, water focused organizations
  • Provide workshops to newly forming and established water protection groups to help them create Action Plans to meet fund-raising, organizational, and communication goals
  • Strengthen and encourage collaboration between local businesses, government, non-profit, and community-led lake, stream or watershed associations
  • Promote a network of peer-to-peer learning and opportunities for community groups

Recent events for WAI participants include the 2015 Metro Summit for Lake and River Groups and the 2015 Shallow Lakes Forum.  Additional workshops and trainings are scheduled based on member interest.  If you would like to share your ideas for a training or workshop, please fill out the WAI Member Survey.

An updated directory of participant groups will soon be available.  Not a member yet?  No problem!  To sign up for WAI (which is completely FREE) and have your information listed in the WAI directory, please fill out the form below.

Please check back to this page over the coming year.  Resources, contact information, and member success stories will be added in an effort to help better connect groups to the resources they need.  If there is something you would like to see here, contact Jen Kader at jkader@freshwater.org or 651-313-5807.

WAI is coordinated through Freshwater and funded by Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.



  • (Examples: Area Partnership for Pierson Lake Enhancement, Dutch Lake Association, Friends of Bass Lake, etc.)
  • (Example: Joe Smith: President)