As a business or institution, there are many things that can be done to protect the water quality of lakes and streams.

  • Protecting Groundwater and Surface Water Quality
  • Specific Ways of Ensuring Groundwater Sustainability

Protecting Groundwater and Surface Water Quality

  • The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program at the University of Minnesota offers financial assistance, resources and awards for businesses that implement pollution prevention strategies and activities, maximize efficient use of resources, and reduce energy use and cost. There are resources for water conservation as well as innovative wastewater strategies.


  • Find out about the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program which promotes low impact development for businesses. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has information about this program on their website at

Specific Ways of Ensuring Groundwater Sustainability

  • Make water conservation, and conservation of natural resources, a part of your strategic vision for your business or institution.

  • Evaluate manufacturing processes to conserve water, just as you do to control labor costs and save energy.

  • Look for, and fix, leaks in your water system.

  • Appoint a “conservation champion,” a high-ranking staff member whose job it is to promote the conservation of both water and energy in your organization.

  • Learn about and consider your “water footprint” – the total water consumed in conducting your activities – in the same way that you are beginning to weigh the carbon you release into the atmosphere by what you do every day.

  • Make tap water and drinking fountains widely available as an alternative to bottled water.

  • Sweep or blow off debris on paved surfaces, rather than hosing them off.

  • Design landscaping to minimize watering demand.