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Water Connects Us

Join us for a beautiful evening on the Mississippi River Thursday, June 22, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Harriet Island in Saint Paul as we celebrate Minnesota's incredible water heritage and the role we each play in protecting it.

Lake HiawathaLake Hiawatha celebration on Saturday, June 3

Join us at Lake Hiawatha Park in Minneapolis on Saturday, June 3, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. as we celebrate the installation of a new floating boom system designed to capture trash entering the lake.

This free, all ages event includes a volunteer cleanup, art installation, canoeing, DIY environmentally friendly cleaners, macroinvertebrate search with aquatic nets, sign up for Adopt-a-Drain and Adopt a River programs, and other fun activities.

Freshwater to lead Great Lakes Protection Fund project in Minnesota and Michigan watersheds

Sunset paddle on Lake SuperiorFreshwater has been awarded $1.5 million from the Great Lakes Protection Fund for a 5-year effort to improve water quality in the Maumee, St. Louis and Saginaw River watersheds, tributaries to the most impaired areas of the Great Lakes. The project team will use cause marketing to raise funds for permanently converting marginal cropland to perennial vegetation, thereby enhancing carbon storage and curbing nutrient runoff.

Working with local land trusts and watershed modeling experts, the team will identify landowners in key locations and prioritize croplands that would provide the greatest water quality benefits. This science-based approach will be used to carefully select parcels, helping the land trusts build capacity and expertise in the process.

April 12 Moos webinarMoos webinar: Soils are Sponges and Rivers Have Livers

Freshwater hosted another successful Moos Family Speaker Series webinar on April 12. Dr. Genevieve Ali discussed soil layers and how these different types of "sponges" cause water and contaminants to move vertically and laterally through the ground. And Dr. Kamini Singha talked about the hyporheic zone where a river's surface water interacts with its surrounding aquifer. A recording of the webinar is available on the Freshwater YouTube channel.

Thank you to our to our generous sponsors: the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, Metropolitan Council, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources!

Hennepin County Bedrock CollapseHennepin County Bedrock Collapse Project

Minnesota Public Radio recently ran a story on urban sinkholes, featuring an interview with B.J. Bonin, a geologist who co-authored Freshwater's 2021 report on the subject.

Freshwater convened a team of experts to study the geological conditions that can cause sinkholes to develop in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Hennepin County Emergency Management will use results of this investigation to highlight risk to the public and to help stakeholders take action to mitigate that risk.

Impact report for 2022

Check out all the wonderful work you helped us accomplish in Fiscal Year 2022!

Groundwater governance in the Great Lakes region

Groundwater Governance, Well Cobbled? Ground water is a crucially important but often overlooked resource in the Great Lakes region. As a common-pool resource, the region's aquifers should have a well-structured set of governing principles to guide their sustainable and equitable use. We ask, “but do they?”

An incredible resource lies beneath our feet and connects us all. Join us in working to bring attention and care to groundwater for our shared prosperity and for generations to come.

Adopt a River program

We want to support you in your efforts to keep Minnesota waters clean and healthy for all. Check out Adopt a River for tips and info on setting up a shoreline cleanup!

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