Community cleanups

How can you help your local bodies of water?

Clean up trash

If you go outside after the snow melts, what do you see? Is there trash on your street? Spring is a great time to collect nonorganic materials and get it out of the water cycle. A cleanup can be as simple you picking up garbage while you take a walk—or you can scale up your impact and get your neighbors involved!

If you want to organize a group, big or small, check out our cleanup toolkit and register to share your impact with Freshwater!

Clean up organic material

Did you know that leaves and organic debris from streets and sidewalks can flow through storm sewers and into lakes, rivers, and streams? Leaves and other material contain phosphorus, nitrogen, and soil that are significant pollutants. These nutrients contribute to the growth of excessive algae that rob the waters of needed oxygen.

Freshwater supports Adopt-a-Drain Minnesota, a program anyone can join to help keep our waterways clean.

Looking to keep shorelines clean? Adopt a River is for you!



Cleanup toolkit

Download a PDF of the 26-page toolkit with instructions for organizing and implementing a cleanup. Or download individual components of the toolkit:

What are community cleanups and why are they important?

A Q & A on community cleanups

Tips, tools, and resources

Basic steps to conduct your community cleanup

Samples and templates

Sample flier for a cleanup without residential pickup

Sample doorhanger


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