We don't have any current internships open, but check out past interns below—and keep an eye on this page for future opportunities!

Previous Freshwater Interns

Please meet Ashley, George, Colin, and Emily, four students who completed internships at Freshwater in the summer of 2020. Ashley studied antibiotics in animal feedlots that are showing up in surface and groundwater; George the removal of endocrine disruptors found in human wastewater; and Colin animal antibiotics in soil. Emily is a student at DePaul and the granddaughter of Freshwater co-founder, the late Hibbert Hill.

Get to know Galen Xiang, a student with a background in ecology and resource economics, who worked with Freshwater between a Conservation Corps position and grad school to gain experience in the water field.

Be inspired by Rob McManus, a student who worked with us last summer to study contaminants of emerging concern in Twin Cities water bodies.

Read about Lila Franklin, a program intern pursuing her master's in urban and regional planning at the Humphrey, who is helping Freshwater support special projects and watershed plans.

Make a global connection to Jambay, a university fellow from Bhutan—a small mountainous country in the Himalayas. Jambay worked with Freshwater's Carrie Jennings and Jen Kader to learn why springs that supply drinking water in Bhutan are drying up and what watershed management practices could be applied.

Finally, read work by Brian Bohman, a University of Minnesota doctoral candidate working to reduce nitrate leaching in groundwater.

Thirsty for more? Meet Beth Tomlinson, a senior mechanical engineer and facilities sustainability and resilience leader at TKDA who interned with Freshwater in the 1980s.

And revisit our 50-year history of supporting students and community leaders for clean water.

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