Our Work

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving freshwater resources, our work falls into a variety of areas.

Since 1989, Adopt a River has supported over 3,200 cleanups that have engaged over 90,000 volunteers in 300,000 hours of service to watershed areas throughout the state. Adopt a River is now a Freshwater Program!

Freshwater promotes public policy that protects and preserves Minnesota’s water resources, both surface water and groundwater.

Research done by Freshwater staff, including work on surface water and groundwater, helping protect and preserve our water resources.

This program certifies stewards, who then go on to volunteer their time for watershed districts, cities, counties, and environmental groups; participate on city and local government boards; influence policy; and improve the health of our waters.

Freshwater believes in facilitation, building shared buy-in, and supporting people-driven systems change.

The Weatherguide, available in both a wall and engagement calendar version, has been Minnesota's favorite calendar for more than 45 years. It includes nature photography, phenology, weather astronomy, gardening info—and more!