Our Work

We are a Minnesota nonprofit on a mission to inspire and empower people to value and preserve water. We use science to engage communities from small towns to the Capitol about how to sustainably improve our water for future generations.

This program trains and certifies stewards, who then go on to volunteer their time to improve the health of our waters.

Freshwater promotes public policy that protects and preserves water, both surface water and groundwater.

Independent research conducted by Freshwater staff, helps to advance sustainability and influence water policy.

Since 1989, Adopt a River has supported over 3,200 cleanups that have engaged over 90,000 volunteers in 300,000 hours of service to watershed areas throughout the state.

Freshwater's new initiative, Water Workforce Pathways, connects across public and private sectors to increase visibility and access to abundant, stable, well-paying jobs in the water industry.

The Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendar and Almanac has been Minnesota's favorite calendar for more than 45 years. It includes stunning nature photography, phenology, astronomical information and more!