We host events that educate and engage stakeholders and change their thinking around water issues.

Upcoming Events

Past events

A celebration of Freshwater’s Minnesota Water Steward volunteer program. This free and public gathering happens every year as an opportunity to build a sense of community and shared vision.

Since 2010, Freshwater and the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences have co-hosted this free stimulating lecture series on water and the environment.

At the 2019 Water Summit we explored new and innovative ways to protect our surface and groundwater resources, while also highlighting the role people play in determining the outcomes of our work.

Learn about current research and local, regional, and national perspectives on winter maintenance.

Hear how DNR and MPCA scientists Mike Berndt and Ed Swain have been spending their early retirement continuing to think about the complexities of nutrient cycling in Minnesota lakes.

Connect, learn from others, contribute their stories and ideas, and equip to protect Minnesota’s waters.

Our live virtual fundraiser in support of healthy water for future generations including all Minnesotans and communities downstream—and to those who donated to protect healthy water.