Lake Hiawatha Trash Boom Capture System

Lake Hiawatha trash boom

Boom filters to help keep trash out of Lake Hiawatha

booms after rainfall
Above, the floating booms hold litter and debris on Lake Hiawatha the morning after a heavy rainfall. The shape of the boom arrangement can vary depending on wind and current, but the system does its job regardless.

Freshwater has teamed up with several partner organizations to help clean up Lake Hiawatha through installation of a floating boom system that will capture trash that enters the lake through a storm sewer outfall.

When Freshwater was approached in October 2021 by River Network, a national network of water, justice and river advocates, with the possibility of funding under a grant from the Coca Cola Foundation to install a litter capture device in the Mississippi watershed, Lake Hiawatha immediately came to mind.

In collaboration with the City of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and the Friends of Lake Hiawatha, Freshwater has partnered with Osprey Initiative to create the customized capture system.

Debris collected in this series of three booms will be sorted, recorded and disposed of properly by a trained maintenance team. The collected debris data will provide critical information the City can use to better understand the extent of the pollution problem, and to enact further measures to diminish pollution further upstream.