Want to make a difference for water?

Freshwater has a variety of opportunities for you to helpβ€”in our office, at events, and in your community.

πŸ–οΈ Want to clean up a shoreline where you live, work, or play? Check out our Adopt a River program. We've built a complete toolkit to support you in planning your own cleanup. ANYONE can make a difference!

πŸ—‘οΈ Looking to do a cleanup that's NOT on a shoreline? Try a community cleanup, or adopt a drain on your street! Community cleanup and drain details here.

πŸ’§ Consider our Minnesota Water Steward program for a more in-depth training experience that will set YOU up to help your community with your water knowledge!

To learn about these opportunities and more, contact us at 651-313-5800 or freshwater@freshwater.org.

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Help monitor lakes and streams near you

Looking for a volunteer opportunity this spring? How about helping the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency monitor water and track the health of lakes and streams? No experience necessary.

Kids pouring water from bucket

I want to be a catalyst to help
community members get involved in limiting stormwater pollution.

β€” Ryan, Minnesota Water Steward

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