Free Weatherguide Curriculum

The Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendar, published by Freshwater Society, is the perfect addition to any classroom or any home-schooling situation. Factual scientific charts, documents, and images pertaining to Minnesota complement a wide spectrum of  Minnesota Academic Standards. Along with the calendar, the Calendars in the Classroom program provides step-by-step, hands-on lesson plans in topics such as meteorology, phenology, and astronomy.

The Calendars in the Classroom program, developed by the Jeffers Foundation and Freshwater Society, allows  teachers to incorporate simple and concise lessons that integrate science content into other academic areas within their daily schedule. Without extensive background knowledge, a teacher can easily involve student in daily observations, instruct with the aide of visuals, and rely on information provided in the calendar to act as content meeting state science standards.

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If you would like to receive a copy of Calendars in the Classroom or would like your school to receive no-cost training on Weatherguide classroom use, contact Fergus Woolley at Jeffers Foundation, or download an electronic version:

GRADES K – 5 Teacher’s Guide PDF

GRADES 4 – 8 Teacher’s Guide PDF


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