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These are unprecedented times. If you are able, consider investing in Freshwater to help sustain our programs and services during this difficult time. Or, consider investing in the community organizations at the front-lines of COVID-19.

Freshwater’s work for water is funded by a diverse group of individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and community organizations committed to preserving healthy waters in our region. Individual donations are a significant part of our annual operating budget of $1.3 million per year. In light of the rapidly changing environment regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), Freshwater, like many individuals and organizations, faces dramatic revenue losses. We will rely on community support more than ever at this time. If you are able, consider a donation today to help sustain Freshwater - or better yet - to the charitable organizations on the front-lines of COVID-19.

With your support, we remain 100% committed to our mission to inspire and empower people to value and preserve freshwater.

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There are many ways to make a gift to support clean and safe water for Minnesotans.

Donate online using the links at left
Send a check made payable to Freshwater at 2424 Territorial Road, Suite B, St. Paul, MN 55114

Other ways to give:

Gift of stock

Through your IRA

Through a planned or estate gift


Workplace giving or MEF

Set up a fundraising page

Contact Development Officer Mary Salisbury at 651-313-5817 for more information.

"Freshwater continues to bring value to many organizations working to protect our priceless water resources."     -- Met Council Staff

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Accountability and transparency are important to us. Freshwater is proud to be a Meets Standards organization with the Charities Review Council. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our donors. Read our privacy policy.

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Freshwater is proud be an associate member of the Minnesota Environmental Fund (MEF). MEF makes it possible for employers and employees to participate in workplace giving activities such as payroll deductions and volunteer opportunities that benefit the environment. MEF supports leading nonprofit organizations that protect clean water and more – now and for future generations.