Ally Ede artist's statement

Ally  Ede

Mound Westonka High School

The theme of Water is Life is of particular interest to me.  Conserving our natural resources had always been a passion of mine, which I tried to convey in my artwork.  I chose to use charcoal over an acrylic wash in order to make the values within the piece more prominent.  I chose to draw an old Native American woman as my focal point.  She is representative of the love and great respect that her people had for the land and water.  The tear on her cheek conveys her sadness over how future generations have mistreated the resources that she loved.  Beneath her in a body of water, a young girl’s reflection is distorted by her tear drop.  This symbolizes that if we do not act to conserve our water sources, it will have devastating effects on future generations.

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