The Sustainability Framework, Community Clean-Ups and more

Deborah Swackhamer, co-director of the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, talks about the Sustainability Framework she has helped draft for the state. Volunteers throughout the metro area are fighting phoshorus pollution and algae. For 10 years, the Freshwater Society’s Road Salt Symposium has taught highway maintenance professionals how to reduce chloride pollution. County Geologic Atlases offer a glimpse at the water hidden beneath our feet. Freshwater President Gene Merriam urges citizens to keep a close eye on Minnesota lawmakers and the new governor on spending for water protection. Dick Gray profiles a Township of Minnetonka couple who have build an environmentally friendly office complex. And Freshwater Development Director Diane Lynch invites backers of clean water to show their support with a donation. All these articles are part of the December 2010 Facets of Freshwater newsletter.