Read all about it: The Facets newsletter

Agricultural pollution, a party celebrating ice – or the disappearance of ice – and contaminants that increasingly are being found in Minnesota’s ground and surface water. Read about these issues and events in the latest Facets of Freshwater, the Freshwater Society’s newsletter. The April edition includes articles on Craig A. Cox’s prescription for “Taking the Pollution out of Agricultural Production;” a preview of Freshwater’s Ice Out/Loon In party and fund-raiser; and a q-and-a interview with Pamela Shubat, director of the Minnesota Health Department’s Contaminants of Emerging Concern program.

Other  features include a column by Gene Merriam decrying a rollback of environmental progress at both the state and national level, and a column by Dick Gray on the glacial origin of Lake Minnetonka. And there is more: features on the Water Is Life high school art contest, Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality, and water forums for West Metro policy-makers.