2011 art contest focuses on water conservation

More than 200 high school students soon will be participating in the 2011 Water is Life Art Contest regional competitions. The Freshwater Society collaborates with Minnesota’s eight Service Cooperatives to offer the contest, now in its seventh year, to students across the state.

This year’s competition invites students to create art conveying messages about water conservation.

one of the 2010 freshwater art contest winners
A 2010 art contest winning entry by Christine Hofschulte
of Planview-Elgin-Millville High School depicts hands
rising out of water and spelling ‘Life’ in sign language.

The artwork may illustrate the need for conservation, explore methods of conservation or be created with conservation and reuse in mind.

The artwork and accompanying statement each artist must write explaining the theme of his or her work will convey the importance of protecting and preserving water.

The Freshwater Society has provided the students with resources to help explain the crisis facing our fresh water worldwide and to stress the need for water conservation.

Four finalists from each of the eight Service Cooperative regions will be selected to compete in the state competition, which will be held on May 4 at the Gray Freshwater Center in Excelsior.

Each finalist’s artwork will be featured, and students will win awards and prizes. Six scholarship winners will each receive $500.

Each year the finalists’ and scholarship winners’ artwork goes into an exhibit displayed in public venues throughout the state, including the Minnesota State Capitol. The art and accompanying statements inspire others to take action to protect and conserve water resources.