Ali Nordberg artist's statement

Ali Nordberg

Eden Prairie High School

This painting depicts the harmful effects of ignorance concerning water conservation.  Earth is beautiful, covered with lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.  Water seems plentiful and in abundance.  But when humans take this natural gift for granted, water is polluted and wasted.  It is often forgotten that water is not unlimited, and the careless use of this precious resource is as good as throwing it away.  This painting represents how wasting water affects the entire planet as Earth sheds tears of water that drip into space, never to be seen again.  Eventually, the world will cry itself dry and there will be nothing left.  When water is wasted, our planet is the victim and weeps for the harm being done to itself and its inhabitants.  The importance of wise choices when dealing with conserving water is crucial, for when the world cries, we all do.

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