Valerie Hart artist statement

Barnesville High School
Save Mother Earth

Water conservation and caring about our planet is something I care about very much. Through my painting I have depicted how I feel and how I view the direction we are going in conserving water and our natural resources. The man in my drawing represents the educated people of mankind to come forth and be able to take care of this most precious resource. The man is trying to rescue mother earth from our pollutions and water indulgence. She is water, the giver of life and growth. The further from the pollution and waste she gets better and more hopeful about the future we will have. I also included some current pollution elements like the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, the scarring of the land from drought and the poor use and treatment of water. I illustrated how the careless industrial industry is polluting our water and that we need to take the path toward a brighter future for the quality of our water and the way we treat our planet for future generations.
I believe education and awareness along with organizations like the Freshwater Society will make a huge difference on this planet and our quality of life.

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