Water, science, environment: The lighter side

There is lots of serious — often very bad — news about water and the environment published every day. But there also are some quirky and entertaining news items out there.

Here is a look back at some of the offbeat news items among the hundreds of important articles and research papers linked to from the Freshwater blog in 2011:

A New York Times story on corporate sustainability efforts reported the Levi Strauss & Company’s advice to consumers: Freeze your jeans – instead of washing them – to save water.

Budweiser suggests men stop shaving to conserve a million gallons of water.

New York University journalism students write and record My Water’s on Fire Tonight, their take on the controversy over hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

Who knew? Smallmouth bass are an invasive species 

Who knew – Part II: Lake Trout are invasives, too