Erodable land sought for conservation reserve

Minnesota farmers have an opportunity to receive federal payment to take – or keep – highly erodable land out of crop production.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency in Minnesota has announced a sign-up for up to 11,200 acres of erodable land eligible for payments under the Conservation Reserve Program.

Offers of land to receive payments under the program will be accepted until Sept. 30 or until the acreage allotment is filled.

“CRP is a voluntary program that has protected environmentally sensitive land for more than 25 years,” said Linda Hennen, the Farm Service Agency’s executive director in Minnesota. “This initiative will accept offers with an erosion rate of at least 20 tons per acre per year for new cropland or CRP acres that expire on September 30, 2012; however, existing grass stands that are not considered expiring CRP will not be considered eligible,” she said.

Producers are encouraged to contact their local FSA service center or visit FSA’s website for information regarding CRP.
–FSA News Release