Don Rosenberry lecture is canceled

The “sequestration” cuts in the federal budget have claimed a casualty in the lecture series that the Freshwater Society and the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences sponsor.

We have had to cancel the May 1  lecture that was to feature Don Rosenberry, a U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist, scheduled to speak on the interaction of groundwater and lakes, streams and wetlands.

We will attempt to schedule another lecturer this spring. And we hope to re-schedule Rosenberry next year.

 In response to federal budget cuts that went into effect March 1, the USGS banned all non-mission-essential travel by employees for conferences, meeting and similar events. Even though the Freshwater Society was committed to paying Rosenberry’s travel expenses, the USGS refused to allow his travel from Colorado  to Minnesota for the lecture.

 Send us your suggestions for topics and lecturers you want included in the lecture series. Learn more about the lecture series and view video of past speakers, including our most recent lecturer, Sandra Postel.