Huttner talk set Oct. 1 on Minnesota's changing climate

It’s not our imagination. The nature of our seasons is changing.

Spring blooms arrive earlier on average. Summer is more humid with a documented increase in extreme localized flash flood events – and more frequent droughts. Fall lingers longer. Lakes freeze up later. Winters are trending shorter and noticeably, measurably milder. New plants are able to thrive in Minnesota’s milder climate.

We’re all living witnesses to rapid climate changes in our lifetime.  This is no longer your grandparents’ Minnesota.

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, Paul Huttner, Minnesota Public Radio’s chief meteorologist, will explain some of the weather and climate changes we all are experiencing.

The title of his presentation will be “Minnnesota’s Changing Climate: Is This the New Normal?”

The talk will be at 7 p.m. at the Freshwater Society’s Gray Freshwater Center, 2500 Shadywood Road, Excelsior. It is sponsored by the South  Tonka League of Women Voters and the Freshwater Society.