Water Conservation Advisors dig deeper into Minnesota water issues

[quote]This was a terrific morning!  The WCA workshop was so well planned and facilitated, it reflects the truly ‘class-act’ of Freshwater Society. Even though many of us Master Water Stewards were slow to make the shift from ‘water quality’ to ‘water conservation’, we were able to understand the differences in the focus, in behaviors, and solutions. Bill (Cranford) and I really appreciate you and your colleagues’ efforts in helping us make a better future!  — Rachel Hanks[/quote]

Helping build a better water future – that’s what Freshwater is all about. Our Water Conservation Advisor program does just that – training volunteers who want a deeper understanding of Minnesota’s groundwater issues and water conservation best practices.

Thirty Water Conservation Advisor candidates came together on Saturday, March 9, to share local water conservation issues and plan action. Drawing on knowledge gained in this online course, the group created a working definition of water conservation. Comments included, sustainability: water is not a renewable resource, efficiency: finding ways to use water better, and How strategic are we in our use of water?

Each candidate shared the results of independent research into local water conservation issues and the group decided on actions to address some of these issues. Design teams formed around each action to plan the specific steps needed to accomplish each activity. Water Conservation Advisors left energized and excited to work for water in their communities.

The Water Conservation Advisor program is a Master Water Steward candidate track as well as continuing education course for Master Water Stewards, Master Gardeners, and Master Naturalists.

Contact Kris Meyer at Freshwater for more information.