Calendars in classrooms

Minnesotans love to talk weather and it’s a topic of conversation in classrooms as well. Freshwater provides Weatherguide calendars to facilitate science-based classroom learning through its Calendars in the Classroom program, in partnership with the Jeffers Foundation, and through direct donations to schools.

This year, we were happy to donate calendars to students at Wildwood Elementary School in Mahtomedi. Teacher Julie Comfort has creatively integrated science-based learning into her K-2 classrooms and the students were excited to receive their own calendars to take home this year. Julie Fliflet and Connie Lanphear from Freshwater visited her classroom to see the calendars in action and were treated to enthusiastic young students excited about weather and the natural world.

“Thanks again for stopping by today,” said Comfort. “Just thought I’d share a few parent comments with you. Your donation made a difference!”

From parents (names removed for privacy):

(Student) LOOOOVES her calendar more than I thought a person could love a calendar. 🙂 She ran off the bus holding it in her hands to show me, and looks through it all the time and is so excited to record the temps (what a fun method you came up with the thermometer and colors).

(Student) was so proud of his calendar! It was the first day he came home saying he loved school 🙂 He usually says how hard school is and how much he hates it, etc. This project has him excited.

Watch a video of the classroom here.