Freshwater at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair

Four people smiling with Weatherguide calendar at the Minnesota State Fair
Credit: John Linc Stine

It’s almost time for corn dogs, mini donuts, and a fun-filled day at the great Minnesota get-together — the Minnesota State Fair. This year Freshwater is excited to be back at the state fair where we will be selling our 2023 Weatherguide Environment Calendar and Almanac, like the pre-COVID days.

What’s new with the Weatherguide?

We are excited to offer two new features in this 2023 Weatherguide to reflect our mission of “empowering and inspiring people to value and conserve fresh water.” First, in a few of the Weatherguide photos, you will notice people interacting with nature. Our aim is to reflect that people appreciate and value water, recognizing the important role we each play in its protection.

In addition, we have added cultural content from an Anishinaabe perspective. Our calendar previously included Dakota and Anishinaabe names for full Moons. We’re expanding the information we include because in Minnesota, we are on lands of the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples, and the cultural wisdom of Indigenous people has persisted over centuries, through periods of abuse and genocide. All Minnesota residents can learn about local Indigenous perspectives in many places — we are glad to include some relevant content in the Weatherguide.

Check out my fair favorites:

I hope you will stop by the Minnesota State Fair to see us this year. Our Freshwater Weatherguide booth will be along the sidewalk at the KARE 11 Barn. Here are some more places you should visit at the state fair if you love water, nature and people:

  • The DNR Building and Park offers wonderful programs to explore nature, and the fishpond exhibiting native fish from Minnesota lakes and rivers is a must see!
  • The Eco Experience Building features numerous exhibits ranging from Minnesota watersheds to healthy local food, an outdoor play area for kids, and much more about living in harmony with the environment are also must see!
  • For those interested in the fluid mechanics of confined channels, stop by Ye Old Mill.

Stay hydrated while at the fair, so bring your own refillable water bottle when you visit. There are ample water filling stations and drinking fountains across the fairgrounds.