About Freshwater

The mission of Freshwater is to inspire and empower people to value and conserve our freshwater resources.

Since 1968 – two years before the first Earth Day – Freshwater has been a leading public nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving, restoring, and protecting freshwater resources and their surrounding watersheds. To achieve this goal, our organization:

  • Recognizes the vital role of freshwater to all living things and the impending crisis in the quantity and quality of accessible freshwater.
  • Dedicates its experience and resources to activities that lead to the understanding, protection, enhancement, and restoration of freshwater resources.
  • Invites the participation and support of individuals, associations, business and industry, institutions, educators, and government in these activities.

Freshwater was founded by three visionary leaders: the late Dick Gray, the late Hib Hill and Dr. Richard Caldecott, who still serves as a member of the Freshwater board. Read an account of the founding  written by Mr. Gray, who was the key figure in the leadership group.

Freshwater Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. View our Internal Revenue Service 990 form.

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