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Field monitoring lends perspective

If you really want to understand an environmental or water quality issue, it’s no secret that you have to get out from behind the computer screen once in a while and into the field. After years of editing technical reports, and writing factsheets and news releases for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, I decided to follow that advice.

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Donor impact in 2021, and looking ahead

As 2021 ends, I am sincerely grateful for the actions you, as Freshwater supporters, empowered this year. Whether you donated to one of our campaigns like our internship program, told your elected officials how important protecting and restoring clean and safe water is for our future, or shared your passion for water with friends and family, you made a real difference.

After working for 100+ years, many drinking and wastewater systems are aging and failing. Imagine a Day Without Water, Oct. 21, 2021 #ValueWater

Imagine a Day Without Water

Today, Freshwater is participating in the national Imagine a Day without Water, sponsored by the U.S. Water Alliance. From a shower to morning coffee or tea, watering our plants and gardens to flushing our toilets, water is essential to our daily life. Our bodies are mostly water—78% as infants and 60% in adults. Safe and reliable water is essential to every one of us.

Infographic showing groundwater use and agency roles

What’s the fuss over water governance?

Minnesota’s water governance is considered some of the best in the country, and we’ve been hearing a lot about it since we began a year-long project in March 2021 to assess governance across six states and tribal nations within them: Groundwater Governance in the Great Lakes States.

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Water equity—a new term?

We love and cherish water here in Minnesota, and we’re proud of our “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi heritage. The presence and quality of our lakes and rivers and abundant drinking water (mostly from our groundwater systems) is easy to take for granted. It seems like we Minnesotans are water rich, but is Minnesota a water-rich state for everyone who lives here?

Person in forest picking up trash

Adopt a River: cleaning it up

Adopt a River is a new Freshwater program in the works for Spring 2022. It’s a revised version of a great idea that originated with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the 1980s, when the program evolved out of the environmental concerns and aimed to empower Minnesotans as stewards and ambassadors of the state’s public waters.

Dump site, trash

Pharmaceuticals in our water

We had near-record sign up for our Earth Day Moos lecture delivered by Alistar Boxall, who holds a doctorate in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry, from his home office in near the University of York in England.

Chicks (baby chickens)

The chicken-soil-water quality connection

Freshwater’s Carrie Jennings and some dedicated volunteer* scientists have spent several Fridays this spring collecting background data on soil in a conventionally farmed field that will be converted to regenerative practices.

Meet the family behind Clean Lakes MN

A Q&A with Chris Lundeen of Clean Lakes MN

Several Streams of Water Policy

The Freshwater legislative focus is on two major water issues, one surface water and one groundwater, and one funding issue, that Legacy Funds are spent in accordance with the Clean … Read more

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