Inspiring Action for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control

Inspiring Action for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control offers a new approach for water resource protection, informed by systems thinking and a model of community capacity. It provides real-world examples and success stories based on the authors’ ongoing work in Minnesota. Drawing on decades of engagement in conservation management and years of applied research on conservation behavior, this manual’s guiding principles for inspiring conservation action are backed by the latest social science and have been field-tested in Minnesota. Conservation resource professionals will find the statistics, stories, and strategies useful for project design and evaluation, as well as leveraging support for conservation programming.


I’m a licensed civil engineer. Very little of my education dealt with those things beyond the calculator. What Paul, Mae, and Troy have done here is provide a few decades of experience to help water managers realize that people make decisions. The zillions of decisions Minnesota landowners make each day about their land directly influences our waters. Every water professional who has ever lamented the difficulty in  convincing landowners to adopt different practices or to participate in a project should read this while asking, “What should I be doing differently in my job?

– Steve WoodsFreshwater Society former executive director