Water Reuse

Make a bigger pie!

Freshwater Society is dedicated to making water reuse a more feasible option for Minnesota. In a state with shared groundwater management, a lot of people are eyeing the slices of the pie, trying to figure out how to get a larger share. Freshwater also wants Minnesota to be thinking about how to make the pie bigger.

On May 2, 2016, Freshwater Society co-hosted a Water Reuse Workshop with Capitol Region Watershed District. We brought together over 120 professionals from all sectors involved with reuse to discuss barriers and identify solutions. Feedback received throughout the day was used to inform the Water Reuse Workshop Proceedings Report, which contains summaries of the presentations, recommendations, and case study descriptions.

The proceedings will also inform a chapter in the next Groundwater Report, the second in a three-part series that will be published this year. The first report in the series (The Water Underground: Reframing the local groundwater picture) looks at sustainable groundwater supply through three urgency-related scenarios, identifying recommendations to improve local groundwater management. The third will take a look at the intersection between agriculture and groundwater supply.