Water Stories from Freshwater Members

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Beth Carreno
Beth Carreño

“I’m thrilled to have the privilege to advocate for the organization and do any kind of work with Freshwater."


“We are a proud sponsor of Freshwater. Their charismatic approach to making a difference is inspiring."

Picture of sail boat on Lake Minnetonka
Dick Fowler

“We thought that maybe you and your team needed a financial hug during this difficult time.”

Doug & Teresa Andrys

Doug and Teresa founded and operate botanical business SunLeaf Naturals.

Woman with shovel, digging
Chris Kunz
Chris was certified as a Steward in 2017 and has since participated in a myriad of amazing projects!
Hahn Chang
Hahn Chang

During COVID, Hahn took his usual restaurant budget and channeled it to charity instead.

Photo of the people featured in this story
Darby & Geri Nelson

In recent years, inspired by their passion for education and the environment, they helped found a Freshwater student internship program.

Lundeen family

"We want our daughters to be able to have all the experiences we’ve enjoyed and for them to pass these traditions on to their kids."

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