Weatherguide Photo Submissions

Photo submissions now open for the 2025 Weatherguide

Submission deadline is Jan. 12, 2024

Please read the entire submission guideline document above. Here's one key piece of that info:

⚠️VERY IMPORTANT!⚠️ Each photograph's filename MUST follow this format below.

Do not include this info in the description—it MUST be the name of the file. Without proper naming, your photo cannot be considered.

    • Month photograph was taken
    • Photographer’s initials
    • Caption or title for your image.
    • City and state where image was taken
    • Here are examples of the naming format:
      Feb_jcp_Melting Icicles_Minneapolis_mn
      Jul_jcp_Belted Kingfisher Diving_Hudson_wi


For filename instructions, see our guidelines for submission.

Naming your files correctly is very important; failure to do so may disqualify your photos. 


All photographers (even if you've submitted in the past) must register prior to uploading files.

You will receive an email with a link to the photo upload page immediately after you submit the registration form. That link will be good until the deadline on Jan. 12, 2024.

Register here >>


Follow the link in your confirmation page or email message to the file upload page to begin submitting your photos.

Each registered photographer may submit UP TO 10 PHOTOS. Upload files one at a time. You can use your link for as many upload sessions as you need, through Jan. 12, 2024.

Thank you!

For questions about this process, please contact Chris O'Brien at