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2016 Minnesota Weatherguide
Environment Calendars


Welcome to the  home of the 2016 Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendars!  Back by popular demand…. we present the 2016 MN Weatherguide Engagement Calendar along with the popular Weatherguide Wall Calendar.  The MN Weatherguide Calendars includes Meteorology, Phenology, Astronomy, Weather Records, Conservation Tips, Gardening Information, Water Facts, Amazing Local Photography and much more!  The Weatherguide Wall and Engagement calendars are published by the Freshwater Society with promotional support from KARE11 and Minnesota Public Radio.

For over 35 years, midwesterners have depended on the Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendar for accurate and timely information.   Enjoy astronomical facts and events, Jim Gilbert’s weekly nature notes and daily weather history, facts and phenomena. The stunning photography, submitted by both amateur and professional nature photographers, is breathtaking!  Also, enjoy monthly articles written by your favorite KARE 11 meteorologists, MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner, and Bobby and Belinda’s Grow with KARE for great gardening tips. The Weatherguide is a wonderful gift – for you and everyone else on your list.

All proceeds from MN Weatherguide Calendar sales help the Freshwater Society continue its programs that   inspire and educate all to protect, conserve and restore our freshwater resources !

Contributors – The faces and names behind the Weatherguide Environment Calendars