Water Sustainability Workshops

The Freshwater Society and the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center are sponsoring a series of workshops on the sustainability of ground water. The first workshop, held Nov. 11, drew about 70 water scientists and water managers.

The workshop began with presentations by five ground water experts:
  • Bruce Wilson, a University of Minnesota professor in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering.  He gave an overview of the hydrological cycle and a summary of water use, by category, in Minnesota.To view a PDF of his presentation, click here .
  • Ray Wuolo, a Barr Engineering hydrogeologist who recently helped the Metro Council develop a computer model predicting ground water and surface water responses to population increases and water use predictions extending to 2050. To view a PDF of his presentation, click here.
  • Howard Reeves, United States Geological Survey hydrogeologist from Lansing, Mich. , who was part of a technical committee that advised a Water Resources Advisory Council  that inventoried ground water in Michigan and set up a web-based “Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool” aimed at estimating the impact of new high-capacity wells on nearby streams and fish populations. To view a PDF of his presentation, click here.
  • Kenneth Bradbury, a research hydrologist with the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey who served on a technical advisory committee appointed to help evaluate a 2003 Wisconsin law strengthening the state’s authority to regulate high-capacity wells. To view a PDF of his presentation, click here.
  • Virginia McGuire, United States Geological Survey hydrologist from Nebraska who has led a study of water levels in the High Plains Aquifer that stretches across eight states, from Texas to South Dakota. To view a PDF of her presentation, click here.
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