Climate change impacts: Lake Superior record water levels appear at record speed

  Lake Superior is aptly named for many reasons, including its stature as Minnesota’s largest and most iconic freshwater resource. As the largest freshwater lake on Earth (by surface area), it contains 10 percent of our planet’s surface freshwater. It may surprise you that this massive body of water is experiencing the effects of climate … Read more

Getting UNstuck

It seems like we’ve all been there — sitting in a meeting where the agenda is the same over and over again; or having that feeling of frustration when momentum for a project builds up only to run into familiar roadblocks; or knowing you need to pursue something different… just not sure what that something … Read more

Special memorial gift given to Freshwater

Heartfelt thanks to Andrew Heiskary and his children Darlene and Steven for their thoughtful gift to Freshwater in honor of Andrew’s life and passion for Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and clean water. Steven shared this message: My father, Andrew Heiskary, passed away on November 23, 2018 at the age of 90. As a life-long fisherman, he … Read more

Freshwater joins with Master Naturalists

Despite the wild, wet spring weather, the mood was buoyant at the Master Naturalist conference in Willmar where Carrie Jennings, Freshwater’s research and policy director, gave the keynote presentation and led a field trip. She took them on a deep dive into the ecological history of the area, explaining how the glacial history set the … Read more

Students win CAM Outstanding Research Award

Three students who partnered with Freshwater Society on a project last summer won an Outstanding Research Award. The students, who are studying Applied Mathematics at St. Thomas, got an in-depth understanding of how groundwater works as they modeled the migration and evolution of thermal plumes in groundwater. Water that warms in the summer in mine … Read more

Freshwater and Water bar gather water stories

by Deirdre Coleman, program coordinator Master Water Stewards are gathering in circles this holiday season to share their water stories at the Water Bar & Public Studio (#Hygge). Freshwater is partnering with the Water Bar on Water Tender trainings, which teach people to serve drinking water from various sources while performing the traditional bartender duty … Read more

Freshwater recharge is focus for upcoming session

by Steve Woods and Carrie Jennings The 2019 legislative session will find Freshwater out front advocating for a two-year study to inform safe and economic approaches to groundwater recharge. In those areas where groundwater reserves are shrinking, we must understand the range of options and costs involved to enhance and replenish it. In doing so, … Read more

Distracted by squirrels

by Steve Woods, executive director Distractions. The movie “Up” has a wonderful recurring joke where the entire cast of dogs is distracted by someone yelling “squirrel!”. It also happens to work on my father as he engages in his own 30-Years War with the rodents plaguing his backyard bird feeder. Desktop squirrels. I just put … Read more