Our Programs

The Freshwater Society has several programs to promote the conservation and stewardship of all freshwater resources. Visit the links below to learn more about our efforts and how you can become a steward of our natural resources.

Guardianship Council

As concerns mount about Minnesota’s freshwater resources, the Freshwater Society has convened a council of community leaders to study issues related to freshwater sustainability.

The Guardianship Council represents a new page in the 40-year history of the Freshwater Society, setting its focus to make recommendations to policy makers and the public as it examines the issues tied to our freshwater resources. Click here for an in-depth look at the critical water issues examined by the council.

The council is a multi-disciplinary team of natural resource experts and community leaders who examined the state of Minnesota waters. Click here for more information about council members.

Groundwater Sustainability Workshops

The Freshwater Society and the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center are sponsoring a series of workshops on the sustainability of ground water. Workshops were held in November 2008 and May 2009. Each drew about 70 water scientists and water managers.To learn more, click here.

Water is Life Art Contest

Each year, the Freshwater Society sponsors an annual contest that rewards scholarships to Minnesota high school students who creatively and meaningfully capture the theme “Water is Life.” In 2009, the organization will award six $500 scholarships to winners of the contest.

Would you like to participate? Click here download our printable entry form, learn more about the contest and view past participants’ work.

Road Salt Symposium

Chloride from road salt is growing cause of pollution in lakes, streams and ground water in urban areas. For eight years, the Freshwater Society has sponsored a symposium on salt and other de-icing compounds and their effect on surface and ground water. In February 2009, researchers from Minnesota, Iowa and New Hampshire presented evidence of the extent of chloride contamination and discussed road maintenance strategies that reduce reliance on salt. Click here for more information about the latest Road Salt Symposium, including PDFs of the presentations.

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