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Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water in Minnesota
A Summary of Drinking Water Protection Activities in Minnesota for 2009
Minnesota Department of Health
Issued May 2010

This summary report focuses on the drinking water quality of the 7,200 public water supply systems statewide. Information about specific systems can be requested from local water suppliers.



Freshwater – Where Does Your Water Come From?
The Nature Conservancy

This website highlights the importance of knowing where your water comes from and not to overuse or abuse it.



Drinking Water Protection Brochures and Fact Sheets
Minnesota Department of Health

Approximately 3 million Minnesotans rely on clean water from the public water system. This site provides facts, tips and guidance for Minnesotans to help keep their drinking water clean and safe.


Tap Minneapolis
City of Minneapolis, MN

Tap Minneapolis is a City of Minneapolis initiative to get more people drinking tap water. The site contains facts about bottled water, links to resources and a page where residents can pledge to stop drinking bottled water and use only the tap.



Your Water. Your Decision.

Local officials want clean and plentiful drinking water for their communities. But because watersheds often cross multiple political boundaries, community leaders may not know what they can or should do to protect their water sources. This guide contains quick tips for concrete steps local officials can take to protect source water.



Water Quality/Well Testing
Minnesota Department of Health

This website provides resources on how to get your well tested, as well as facts and information about wells.


Tips on How to Keep your Drinking Water Safe
Elk River Municipal Utilities

Did you know that less than one percent of the world’s water is suitable for drinking? This site gives tips to keep drinking water safe, and provides resources for help in achieving safe well water.



Testing Your Private Well Water
Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services Department

This site is a guide for homeowners on how to get their well tested, and what to be looking for when testing.



Well Sealing
Minnesota Department of Health

The site provides information about finding contractors to seal wells as well as finding lost wells on your property.


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