Shoreland Management & Restoration


A Guide for Buying and Managing Shoreland
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

This guide offers information for prospective and current shoreland owners on how to keep their water clean and clear of pollutants.


From Shore to Shore
University of Minnesota Extension

The From Shore to Shore newsletter is designed to help citizens learn how to manage their shoreland property to protect and improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and aesthetics.


Water and Shoreland Management Questions: Who do I turn to?
Minnesota Waters

When it comes to water and shoreland management, it can be confusing to know what agency or local government unit (LGU) to contact and who has regulatory authority over which shoreland activities. This factsheet describes the many water organizations that work throughout Minnesota.


Minnesota Shoreland Management Resource Guide
University of Minnesota Sea Grant & Water Resources Center

This guide has information about sustainable shoreland practices to improve management of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. The website contains scientific and technical background information, quick and easy answers, highlights of citizen action, and contact information for Minnesota counties.


Landowner’s Guide to Lake Stewardship
Crow Wing County

This guide book provides information about lake stewardship and how to protect local water quality.


Vegetation Buffers: Protecting Our Shorelands and Waters
Minnesota Waters

Vegetation buffers, an un-mowed area of land that separates a lawn from a lake or river, help protect water quality by reducing erosion, stormwater runoff, and nutrients that enter the water. Find out how to create a vegetation buffer along your shoreline.


Form a Lake or River Group: A guide to gaining local support for protecting and improving your lake or river
Minnesota Waters

This guidebook will provide the guidance and tools necessary to organize an effective lake or river group. Upon completion you will understand how to establish your new organization, where to look for resources, how to form community partnerships and how
to begin setting goals for the protection or improvement of your lake or river.


Engaging New Members & Leaders: A guide to gaining new members and leaders to strengthen your organization
Minnesota Waters

This guidebook will help you discover strategies for recruiting members and fresh volunteers, as well as tools to promote and equip new leaders. The guide will also assist your group in creating an action plan to initiate and expand your member and leadership base.

Program Planning: A guide to strategically plan and develop your next lake or stream protection project
Minnesota Waters

This guidebook will provide the tools for your lake or river group to develop program plans that help make your Association activities more effective. By the end of the guidebook you will have started a program plan that can guide your next shoreland restoration project, membership drive, fundraising event or any association activity with clear goals and connection to your mission.

Communicating Effectively: A guide for citizen-led lake and river groups to strategically communicate a targeted message with impact
Minnesota Waters

This guidebook will walk you through the steps of conceptualizing and executing a clear message to a target audience with the goal of achieving a specific outcome. It will provide you with the tools to develop your association’s message and communicate it effectively
through multiple channels.

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