Water Conservation & Reuse


US Environmental Protection Agency

WaterSense helps consumers identify water-efficient products and programs that meet WaterSense water efficiency and performance criteria. Products carrying the WaterSense label perform well, help save money, and encourage innovation in manufacturing.



Water Recycling and Reuse: The Environmental Benefits
US Environmental Protection Agency

This website provides information on what water recycling is and how it can benefit the environment and us by preventing pollution.



Top Water Conservation Tips
Planet Green

This website provides specific tips on how to “go green” with at home water use and how the small changes at home can help on a greater scale.



Project Wet
Worldwide Water Education

The mission of Project WET is to reach children, parents, educators, and communities of the world with water education. This website provides thirty-five ways to conserve water in your own home.



Water Use it Wisely

This website is an interactive resource to learn more on water conservation including the Tip Tank game and news articles.


The site also provides over 100 helpful ways to conserve water.


Public Service Announcement Video Contest

The objective of the contest is to increase awareness of the importance of water in local Southern California high schools through group participation. The video entries must be either 28 or 58 seconds in length, and specifically focus on water conservation issues.



Metropolitan Council
Water Supply

This website discusses types of outdoor and indoor residential water use and provides tips and resources for efficient water use. Water suppliers can promote the water practices included on this page by implementing water conservation programs appropriate for their communities and by directing their residential customers to this page.



Elk River Municipal Utilities: Conservation Projects

This website provides tips about watering your lawn wisely, facts about water as a vital resource in addition to simple tips for saving water.



Minnesota Rural Water Association

This website includes water conservation tips for consumers in order to to provide the latest information, education, and technical assistance to protect our public waters and improve the quality of life in Minnesota.



Saving Water Partnership

This website provides vital information about conserving outdoors, particularly watering your lawn. Saving Water Partnership includes information on how to keep plants healthy and save water, preventing over watering, as well as additional tools and resources that may be helpful.


This website also illustrates ways in which people are able to conserve inside as well. Installing efficient fixtures and fixing leaks are very important aspects to conservation.



Audubon: Together Green

Audubon at home is about taking individual conservation action that can sustain birds, other wildlife, and health habitats in our yards and neighborhoods. The site then includes ways that people can make a difference.


This website also provides valuable information on how to conserve water by including details about Run-off.



A Water Conservation Pledge
Southwest Florida Water Management District

Calculate your water use using this website and then pledge to save 10%.



California Water Awareness Campaign

This website provides many Water Tips for the household, industrial, and commercial purposes. Within the website, under “Flex Your Power Tips” there is a PDF which includes a helpful guide on how to save water.



Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture

This website emphasizes the need to recognize the extent lawn care accounts for outdoor water use and the importance of reducing the amount of water used.



Maryland Department of the Environment

This website illustrates household tips for conserving water including, within your home, gardening, car washing, swimming pool and residential water auditing.



Slow the Flow

Water-use tips can be found on this website as well as a survey to understand your own water use and guidelines that are specific to the methods you use water, both indoor and outdoor.



H2ouse: Take Action

This website provides the Top 5 Actions a person can do to conserve water.


Also, guidance for landscaping your own lawn using rain harvesting and greywater irrigation.


As well as, information for lawn and plant care.



Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

This site by MWRA provides specific information on water saving appliances such as high-efficiency washing machines and dishwashers.



Department of Natural Resources: Water

The DNR website provides many links to additional water conservation resources including conservation rates.


This PDF provides a list of water use habits and compares the “typical” usage to “good, water-saving habits.”



City of Minneapolis: Money Saving Tips

This site reminds us that our water is clean and convenient but we do have to pay for its treatment and the system to deliver it to us. By conserving water in your home, you also save energy needed to heat it or run appliances and in turn save money.



The Lakeshore City: Orono

This website includes facts on water usage as well as conservation tips for bathrooms, indoors, kitchens and outdoors.



Calleguas Municipal Water District

This website provides many current issues and and quick links to further information. It also has a link to download the PDF for The 20 Gallon Challenge – do your part to save 20 gallons per person per day!



Be Water Wise

This website provides various information on Tips for Residents to save a given estimated amount of water each day, also promoting the 20 gallon challenge.


Tips for Residents


Tips for Businesses



Redwood City 10 Gallon Challenge

Redwood City, California is asking people to pledge to take the 10 gallon challenge by cutting back by 10% on water use, in California and nationwide.



Home Lawn Watering Guide

This website demonstrates how watering the lawn is the main outside water use as well as ways to reduce the amount used during the process.



Wise Water Use

Green Venture and the City of Hamilton are partnered in an initiative called the Wise Water Use program. The goal of this program is to help residents use water wisely in order to preserve one of our most precious natural resources – water.


Also, click on “Download a copy” for a PDF full of detailed information and graphs.


The Nature Coservancy
Freshwater Conservation: Take Action on World Water Day

Join The Nature Conservancy on World Water Day, March 22, as we raise awareness of the issues facing freshwater – and celebrating everything that water does for us.


Freshwater Conservation: What You Can Do

The problems facing fresh waters are complex. We need to work together to conserve water.



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