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Your Sustainable Yard: Tips for a Healthy Yard and Environment
University of Minnesota Extension Service

“Your Sustainable Yard” is a four-part series on managing and maintaining a healthy and environmentally friendly yard. Four topics have been highlighted and are available in individual PDF documents.


Green Up Your Lawn Not Your Lakes and Rivers
City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board & Clean Water MN

This brochure offers tips to keeping your lawn healthy without allowing pollutants to wash into the water supply.



Stewardship in your backyard
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Practical tips for natural resources stewardship around your home, neighborhood and property.
Taking care of the state’s natural resources, which face increasing pressures and demands from a growing population, is a task that requires everyone to lend a hand at whatever level they can.



Urban Gardener’s Guide
Metro Blooms

This online guide contains information about suggested plantings, blooming boulevards, rain gardens, rain barrels, native plant sales and other resources to consult.



Lawn Reduction
National Wildlife Federation

Traditional American landscaping focuses on maintaining a manicured green lawn. However, native trees, shrubs, ground cover, prairie or meadow patches, flower beds, and attractively mulched areas are better environmental choices, for people and wildlife.



Stormwater Management: Landscape Water Conservation
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

This publication is part of a series addressing stormwater issues and focuses on water conservation and water runoff from landscapes and their importance to the overall issue of stormwater management.



Stormwater management: Yard Waste Management
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

This publication is part of a series addressing stormwater issues and describes ways to prevent organic waste through composting and other means in preventing stormwater pollution.



Stormwater Management: Pesticide Use in the Lawn and Garden
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

This publication is part of a series addressing stormwater issues and explains how the proper use and application of lawn and garden pesticides can prevent potential water contamination from stormwater runoff.



Is Your Yard a Sponge?
RI Stormwater Solutions

Learn 3 ways you can prevent excess stormwater from running off your yard and into our lakes and rivers.



Lower Phalen Creek Project: Restoring our Watershed, Revitalizing our Communities

This site provides information about using rain gardens to prevent runoff.



Minnesota Water – Lets Keep it Clean

Learn the importance of raingardens and the different designs that can be installed onto your property or business.



A Year-Round Guide to Yard Care: Tips for Healthy Lawns and Gardens
Blue Thumb

This guide provides tips for healthy lawns and gardens, and ways to plant to keep water clean.



Rain Gardens
City of Eagan, MN

This site offers information on the importance of raingardens in the prevention of stormwater runoff pollution.



Raingarden Installation Video
Metro Blooms

View this video from start to finish to learn more about sizing, siting, site preparation and plant selection and placement for a garden that is more than beautiful – a raingarden that helps to heal and protect our water resources.



How to Create Rain Gardens
Minnesota Waters

This fact sheet can be a useful tool to help build a garden in your yard that will be able to better absorb stormwater or water runoff, in turn helping to protect water quality in your area.



How Can I Create a Rain Garden?
University of Minnesota Extension Service

This fact sheet is part of the Lake Home & Cabin Kit and describes the rain garden benefits, design, placement, shape, size plants and construction.



Raingarden Maintenance
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

This fact sheet describes the need for and benefits of raingarden maintenance and highlights routine maintenance techniques.


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