Water's Caretaker – You!


November & December Theme

Why Designate a Year of Water?

The Freshwater Society and partners want to raise the awareness among citizens about our water resources and how we can protect them in our everyday lives. We are providing education resources as well as activities for taking action to protect our lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater. From snow and ice to lakes and rivers, we will be covering six water topics in twelve months! Check back here frequently as we will be posting new information all year long.



It’s up to each of us to do our part for clean water. Learn about 10 simple ways that you can make a difference! Kids of the future will love you for it and you can be proud of the clean water legacy you leave for generations to come.



What You Can Do



The April 2010 edition of National Geographic magazine features water resources around the world.

Read about Freshwater Heros that are working to protect water resources and learn more about what you can do!





Resources: Find Out More

Take the Water Audit and find out how much water you use a day and learn about ways to save water in your everyday life.

Organize a Community Clean-Up for Water Quality in your neighborhood. It’s fun and easy!

Register for our E-Newsletter and stay informed about new programs and resources.

Surf through our resources and find out more about yard care, stormwater, wells and much more!

Get involved in protecting water quality at home and in your community.



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