Water Conservation Project

Add up the gallons of water you use each day to do things such as take a shower, do the laundry and cook your food. How many gallons is that? Most people do not know the answer to this question, or understand how their water use affects their community or future generations. To get people thinking about their water use and learning about water conservation strategies, we are creating a Water Audit. The audit will have two applications: one for the general public to learn how to conserve water in their own homes, and one for engaging elementary school students and their families in tracking their home water use and learning about ways to reduce it. The audit will include questions about how the family uses water at home, provide results comparing their use to the average Minnesota household, provide tips to reduce use and have a pledge to sign with measureable action steps. Along with a Minnesota-specific curriculum, the activity will be a resource for teachers to use in the classroom.

All visitors to the site will also be able to take the water audit to learn more about their water use and ways to use less water. Check back often, the water audit is coming soon!

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