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Click on the links below to find out information on the water quality within your area:


Drinking Water Quality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maintains a website that allows users to look up information about testing of their public water systems.

Lake Finder

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a Lake Finder search engine that allows users to put in a lake name and look up links to information on that lake from a variety of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency data bases. Information available includes: maps, water levels, fish consumption advisories and measurements of water clarity.

Check My Lake

Conservation Minnesota and the Freshwater Society sponsor an online search engine that provides information about the water quality of the state’s lakes.

Minnesota’s Impaired Waters List

Every two years, Minnesota files a list with the U.S. EPA of lakes and rivers in state that have been tested and fail to meet water quality standards.

Lake Water Quality

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency water quality data on a lake-by-lake basis that you can look up by the lake’s name.

Lake Water Quality

This website has more-detailed information on a limited number of lakes.

Lake Water Quality

This website has information on a small sub-set of 41 lakes tested for a U.S. EPA project.

Groundwater Quality

Is the ground water quality in Minnesota getting better or worse? This is the question that the MPCA’s Ground Water Quality Trends Project is designed to answer.

What’s in My Neighborhood?

This Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website offers tools to look up information – either through a map or through a street address and zip code on air, ground and water pollution associated with about 150,000 properties around the state.

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