Christine Hofschulte Artist's statement

Christine Hofschulte

Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School

Hands for a Cause

My graphic art work is a representation of the importance of water to our community.  The hands in the water are spelling out the word life in sign language.  The hands signify us as a community.  The divisions in the design represent the fact that our community may not have the same specific goal in regard to conservation.   We are working toward unity.  The scene is taking place in nature.  All of civilization comes or originates from nature.  We have evolved into beings that have forgotten our “roots” so to speak.  Through my art work I am giving the residents of Minnesota a chance to reflect upon their relationship with water and how water affects their daily lives.  Is water being cherished as the key ingredient to life on earth?  Or has it been taken for granted as a free resource and been mistreated by pollutants in our rivers and streams?  I am hoping to give every single person in Minnesota and beyond the opportunities to make a unified change and to help in the fight to replenish the water sources in Minnesota.

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