Meet Our Donors: Doug and Teresa Andrys

Doug and Teresa Andrys live in Waconia, Minnesota where they founded and operate a family-owned botanical business, SunLeaf Naturals. Each year they donate 5% of their profits to two environmental causes they care about: protecting pollinators and freshwater resources. Keep reading to learn their story of why they’re passionate about improving water health in Minnesota … Read more Meet Our Donors: Doug and Teresa Andrys

Summer interns make waves

This summer, Freshwater hosted four student interns in mutual support of our programs and their burgeoning careers. Three worked with Dr. Carrie Jennings in our research and policy program in a partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences. The fourth is a next generation Freshwater champion: the great-granddaughter of one of our … Read more Summer interns make waves

Making the invisible visible

Groundwater, because it is an invisible source of water, is difficult to understand. Yet as Minnesota’s reliance on groundwater increases, those charged with protecting it from pollution or depletion face the challenge of making this invisible resource visible as they promote best groundwater management practices. In response, Freshwater led a team of groundwater and drinking … Read more Making the invisible visible

Freshwater to spearhead conservation of Minnesota’s rivers

Since 1989, the Adopt a River program has removed millions of pounds of trash from our rivers. Freshwater will drive its continued growth. Minnesota’s history and development are deeply rooted in our rivers. For the Dakota-Sioux, who depended on these waterways for trade, the center of the Earth is found at the confluence of the … Read more Freshwater to spearhead conservation of Minnesota’s rivers

Minnesota Water Stewards: learning, taking action

Since 2013, Freshwater has connected with local partners in cities, counties and watershed organizations to develop and deliver water stewardship education – our Master Water Stewards Program. Every year, groups of community volunteers attend classes and workshops in watershed science, water quantity and water quality, water policy and regulation. Upon certification, stewards then translate their … Read more Minnesota Water Stewards: learning, taking action

Beyond Sentiment and Statements

In the wake of George Floyd’s unnecessary death at the hands of police and the subsequent expressions of community outrage, the easy thing for me (a white male executive) to do is express sorrow and solidarity with Mr. Floyd’s family, friends, and the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. I have done that. I … Read more Beyond Sentiment and Statements

Art connects in a time of distance

Art has the power to inform and connect us, reaching across language and culture, in ways that facts and figures cannot. This was the inspiration behind Freshwater’s new Water Steward program, Art for Water. With support from a Hennepin County Green Partners grant and the Rice Creek Watershed District, Freshwater piloted our first cohort of … Read more Art connects in a time of distance

Freshwater adopts strategic plan for 2020-2025

The Freshwater Board of Directors is pleased to announce the completion of the Freshwater Strategic Plan 2020-2025. This new plan addresses Freshwater’s mission: inspire and empower people to value and preserve our freshwater resources. The Board adopted four statements of our Freshwater vision – the future that we work to achieve: there is clean and … Read more Freshwater adopts strategic plan for 2020-2025