Freshwater at the State Fair

Take advantage of the State Fair – Thursday, Aug. 26, through Labor Day, Sept. 6 – to learn more about water and the environment and to meet some of the KARE-Channel 11 contributors to the Freshwater Society’s award-winning Minnesota Weatherguide Environment calendar.

Three Freshwater publications will be given away in the water section of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Eco Experience. The three publications are:

  • A bookmark listing some surprising facts about water – Did you know 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water? – and tips on things you can do to protect water.
  • A brochure describing how organizations and groups of neighbors can fight phosphorus pollution and excess algae in lakes and rivers by conducting Community Clean-Ups For Water Quality.
  • A fact sheet on how individuals can protect groundwater.

In addition, there will be regular drawings for Freshwater rain gauges, designed to help homeowners avoid wasting water on their lawns.

The Eco Experience, which this year features an exhibit on electric vehicles, is at Randall and Cosgrove streets, in the northeast corner of the fairgrounds.

The Weatherguide calendar will be on sale at the KARE-Channel 11 booth. During the Fair, the calendar will be available at a reduced price of $16. KARE meteorologists Johnathan Yuhas, Sven Sundgaard and Belina Jensen will be available occasionally to autograph calendars. For a schedule of their appearances, click here.

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