Children's Water Festival educates, entertains 5th-graders

More than 1,200 fifth-grade students from each of the seven Twin Cities Metropolitan Counties took part in the thirteenth annual Metro

Heart of the Beast actors teach about water

Children’s Water Festival on Sept. 29 at the state fairgrounds.

Each student attended at least three learning stations that coupled water resource science with innovative learning techniques.

Diane Lynch, development director and senior manager for the Freshwater Society, volunteered at the festival as a class guide for  John Keran’s class of 30 enthusiastic students from Adams Elementary School in Coon Rapids.

The students participated in “Water! Water! From the River to the River,” an interactive play sponsored by In the Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theatre that used animated puppets to explore water usage and pollution issues common to humans around the world.

Learning what happens to water once it is flushed down the toilet was the subject of a wastewater learning exercise conducted by Patti Craddock of Craddock Consulting Engineers.

Understanding the differences between water quality tests was the topic for students in an outdoor laboratory at a station entitled, “World

5th-graders learn about acids and bases at Water Festival

Monitoring Day,” presented by CDM, an engineering and water resources firm.

And finally, students became actors in a variety of vignettes designed to show how each one of us contributes to water usage and pollution. The production, called “Sum of the Parts,” was presented by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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